God Ain't The Only One Neither...


Last night Gmail changed my accounts over to the compulsory New Look. Yeah, I know, Kids are dying in Africa and the entire internet bitching about Gmail New Look is a very First World problem.I know that it is a free service and that I should stop being a lil' Bitch and just suck it up.

But I can't.

You don't fuck with a man's 'ride'  nor his car nor his bike and you fuck with another man's email program at your peril.

I've been with Gmail since the 'Beta' really meant 'Beta' and you had to beg an invite from someone. Google developed an email program that kicked all the others -'hotmail' and 'AOL' to the kerb. Does anyone remember 'Yahoo'? Remember having to PAY real actual money for storage? Remember emails that would take longer than Royal Mail to get where they needed to get? Remember having to configure an Email Client?

My entire Online Life is built on Gmail. Just about everything I do uses it or another Google product. Blogger,Reader, Ebay, Pay Pal, Google Docs, My Cell Phone. They own my soul, their Servers are the Cross Roads Demon I signed on the dotted line for. I was looking forward to the day when bandwidth would mean never having to install another piece of software on my laptop.

I wish I could simply say 'Fuck You, Gmail' but I can't. My only hope is that someone very soon will come up either with a 'Classic Theme' or a hack.

Don't Be Evil? Don't make me laugh you Wankers. "Maybe even Fun?" No it isn't, and that's the killer punch..since midnight last night I no longer enjoy using email. Its become something to avoid, a chore.


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