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...OF THE  

Until the other night I had always thought that the only Communist country I had ever visited had been the Peoples Republic Of Hungary and I have always regretted not having visited the DDR before the Wall fell. Although being able to remember late 70's Britain in all its grey British Leyland genteel Trotskyite  Cardigan Wearing miserableness probably comes a close second. Freedom For Tooting and all that.

Now it seems I did set foot, by about a foot, on another bit of Soviet Soil. Back when I went on a school exchange to Germany we got taken to see the Lower Saxonian bit of 'The Wall'-which was actually a razor wire fence running through middle of the countryside...tastefully decorated on the East German side with watchtowers, minefields and Death Strips and on the West German side with a log.

Made a big impression on me. They also gave us a booklet with this diagram, or one very similar, in it:

What I didn't realise until I looked at it was that the actual border was totally unprotected , that 'The Wall' protecting The Workers And Peasants State from us evil capitalist offspring was infact way into DDR terror-itory. I've checked other places too now and its right-after the 'black dog bones' on the diagram you was in the DDR.

I also now realise why the teachers ripped us a new one for ducking under the log and trying to get up to the actual wire.


Oh Lord Let Grass Grow...

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[The original German Slogan speaks of 'Beef Kune' but that doesn't mean much to a Brit. ]

Welcome to the pasture. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the two days of sunshine this summer has caused 
everyone in Brit Shire to take full and complete leave of their senses...if they had any to start with. Armed Policey men, Anti Terror Units, the Special Boat Service and the fucking Tufty Club were called out to take down a 'Vaper'. 

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